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Tarot Readings
By our Resident Medium
Dorothy Davies

Readings By Dorothy

Ever had that feeling of there must be more and yet you can't put your finger on it?

Have you ever felt you are looking but never finding?

Ever felt something is beside you but not sure what?

Maybe I can help you...

I offer readings with PHOTOGRAPHIC TAROT CARDS

 No conventional Tarot here! I work with a deck of 76 photographs which have been turned into tarot cards, of many different subjects. The cards are from Canada and were made possibly in 1930, so they have a lot of history. They also have uncanny powers; they have never lied to me yet. Even when the situation seems impossible, what the cards say has proved to be right. It may take a while, spirit never give times for anything to happen but the surety is that it will.

            Consult my special tarot cards for a 1 or 3 question reading.

            10 for a 1 question reading, 15 for a 3 question reading.


1. Decide if having a reading is right for you

2. Formulate your question[s] carefully

3. Send me the payment for your reading[s] - via PayPal only please

Send payment to:

4. Using the same email address as you use for PayPal, send me your question[s] to the above email address.

I will email you back the results of the reading[s], usually within a couple of days. If I need longer then I will contact you to say so.